Our School

Needham Elementary School is a school that believes in helping all students become successful by teaching them the basic principles of being courageous problem solvers ready to learn.  We believe in teaching our students specific behavioral expectations that will help them succeed in all areas of life.  Our students know that by being respectful, responsible, and safe they can stay focus on learning and create opportunities for themselves and others. 

The current school enrollment is 348 students.  The ethnic make-up of the school is 84.04% Hispanic, 7.82% Asian, 3.26% White, 1.30% African-American and 3.58% other.  Over 90% of students are considered to be socioeconomically disadvantaged, approximately 65.22% are English Learners and about 12.25% are identified as Special Education students.  Of the school’s 20 teachers, 15 are “fully qualified” and five are on an internship through a local university. The school has one part-time psychologist, one part-time counselor, one full time speech therapist, one part-time P.E. teacher, and one part-time music teacher.

Needham’s commitment is to provide a systematic educational program in all academic areas in order for all students to achieve proficiency in meeting the Common Core State Standards.  The curriculum is standards based and differentiated to meet the individual needs of all students.  A learning environment is provided that promotes positive self-esteem and stimulates academic achievement and enthusiasm for learning.  Instruction and learning experiences are provided to help students understand and respect cultural diversity and individual differences.  The school’s overriding goal is to provide learning experiences that will enable students to be productive, caring citizens who are responsible, respectful, and safe.